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BoldtSmith Packaging - Returnable Packaging

Packaging Design Challenge

A customer reached out to BoldtSmith Packaging to develop a returnable packaging solution that will be used to ship automobile components from the OEM to the assembly plant.


  • Understand the client's entire supply chain
  • Financial analysis for returnable vs expendable packaging

BoldtSmith Actions

By leveraging our internal packaging design team and working with an identified packaging supplier, we worked to brainstorm, design and implement a returnable packaging solution.  

  1. Brainstorm potential packaging solutions
  2. Create multiple returnable packaging concepts
  3. Manage the creation of packaging specifications
  4. Manage the creation of packaging samples
  5. Send specifications for pricing
  6. Create financial analysis including packaging, labor and freight costs to calculate the ROI for returnable vs expendable packaging
  7. Present the design, pricing and testing results

Return on investment

The analysis in this project determined that a returnable packaging solution made sense for the customers specific supply chain

  • 3x Return on invesment

At BoldtSmith Packaging, our number one goal is to exceed customer expectations. Speed is one of the many ways we do this.

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Packaging Design Process

By working with our internal packaging design team and leveraging an existing packaging supplier to the customer, we were able to successfully brainstorm multiple packaging concepts.  From there, we obtained budgetary pricing to determine what the ROI time frame would be to transition from expendable packaging to returnable packaging.  

Based on the data gathered, it made financial sense that a returnable packaging solution could be a good fit.  From there, our team developed packaging specifications, samples and completed testing.  Testing included line trials on the semi-automated lines to determine if adjusted needed to be made to fit the current process.  After a successful line trial, transit testing was completed in an ISTA approved lab that replicated their specific supply chain.  Ship testing was also completed between the OEM and assembly plant to identify any potential issues.  

Returnable and Expendable Package Designers

Debating on whether your product should be shipped in a returnable or expendable packaging solution?  Reach out to BoldtSmith Packaging and we will complete the analysis to give you a data driven recommendation.  

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