Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Everyday products require one-of-a-kind packaging and shipping.

Worried about how your product looks on retail shelves? Concerned that your shipments may not be arriving safely?

Either way, the experts at BoldtSmith Packaging have experience working directly with manufacturers and retailers to ensure packaging is optimized properly, via both shipping and in-store display. We’ll help you navigate complex packaging guidelines, and provide unique insights into projects that require cross-functional teams and data-backed results.

CPG problems and solutions

How we optimize CPG shipping and packaging challenges

Whether you’re packaging and shipping household products, cosmetics or even food, CPG has many challenges.

There is a balance between eye-catching, functional design, brand standards, customer experience, materials and labor costs. Our objectives for CPG packaging optimization are to both save money and increase revenue.

Product damage

Cosmetics crushed, smashed pouches, leaking cleaning products. Product damage is really brand damage. Working with BoldSmith Packaging, you’ll feel confident that your products are protected and optimized for whatever lies ahead. Our data-based packing engineering and shipping optimization ensures that your products arrive just as you intended.

Tight deadlines

CPG packaging projects often face tight, difficult-to-meet timelines. At BoldtSmith Packaging, we don’t just work Monday to Friday, 9-5. Our schedules are determined by our customers’ deadlines. In-house packaging engineers, expert designers and on-site sample-making capabilities allow us to provide quick turnarounds that aren’t possible at larger corporations, many in-house departments, or with single designers who may have limited resources.

Inefficient use of space

Loose products inside packaging can cause damage and greatly increase your shipping costs. Optimizing how you ship your products means no wasted space or lost profits. BoldtSmith Packaging helps you stay on brand and optimized for cost.


Gone are the days when just switching to recyclable materials was enough to qualify as sustainable packaging. Especially for CPG brands with weekly or monthly repeat purchases, true sustainability starts with optimized packaging design. We go beyond finding the right materials. We look at the entire supply chain to identify ways to streamline transit, increase the number of products per shipment, and properly protect products so there are no returns and exchanges for damage. That’s what we call NET GREEN™.

Compliance and regulations

CPG companies are required to follow proper labeling protocols. But that shouldn’t interfere with packaging design and optimization. Our experts are hard-wired to respect labeling compliance.

Packaging and shipping isn’t just about corrugated boxes and paperboard or cans vs bottles. It requires a unique understanding of the product journey to ensure it’s problem-free.

We are data-driven engineers who make decisions for what’s best for your product, not the packaging materials. Learn why top name brands rely on BoldtSmith to provide optimized packaging specifications with elegant designs.

Case study

Passing rigorous testing protocols with sustainable solutions for an environmental products company

A manufacturer of sustainability products in this case trash cans was incurring significant damage during international shipping...

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