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Optimization isn’t a limited time offer. It’s what we do.

BoldtSmith offers a wide range of e-commerce packaging solutions optimized for any globally sourced product. Our custom testing protocols allow us to identify real-world transit hazards and design unique data-driven solutions to safely deliver your products.

Our recommendations are unbiased – meaning no relationships with materials manufacturers – to ensure you have the best possible packaging solution to eliminate damage, reduce unnecessary costs and achieve sustainability. No kick-backs, just increased profits and satisfied customers.

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E-commerce packaging and shipping

Amazon APASS Certified

Our team of e-commerce packaging experts are all Amazon APASS certified, ensuring all our Amazon-specific packaging recommendations are to specification. BoldtSmith’s package designs can reduce packaging and shipping costs while qualifying for Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging designation.

Challenges and solutions

A balanced approach to cost, protection and sustainability

E-commerce thrives on speed and efficiency. But there are several hurdles related to shipping and packaging that can create problems for both businesses and consumers.

Cost optimization

Packaging needs to be sturdy enough to protect products during transit, but using excessive materials increases shipping costs. Size is the key. We’ll find the right balance to reduce material costs, damage and dimensional weight.


Traditional packaging materials often generate waste and contribute to pollution. We’ll help businesses achieve real NET GREEN™ sustainability beyond just finding eco-friendly materials. Consumers have sustainability expectations in mind. Plus, regulations and added charges for certain materials are in the pipeline globally. BoldtSmith’s approach to sustainability will help meet sustainability expectations, and increase profits by simultaneously reducing damage, returns and line inefficiencies.

Diverse and evolving delivery channels

E-commerce products may be shipped directly to consumers, to retail stores, or to distributors. Packaging needs to be adaptable for different handling methods throughout the supply chain.

Customer experience

We know the importance of the unboxing experience. We’ll make sure your product arrives safely, and creates a positive experience that leaves a lasting impression. We won’t waste your time or money on overly complex or excessive packaging which can instead frustrate customers and create unnecessary waste.

At BoldtSmith, e-commerce businesses can optimize costs, minimize environmental impact, and ensure their products reach customers safely and securely. This is the foundation of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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Case study

Meeting frustration-free requirements and increasing output for children’s toy brand

A large toy manufacturer wanted their packaging to be categorized as Amazon Frustration Free They partnered with BoldtSmith to provide designs for 300 SKUs that not only pass Amazon s SIOC FFP certification but also allow the manufacturer to ship more packages per pallet...

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