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We love planet Earth so much we are calling out sustainability imposters and offering real sustainability solutions. Meet NET GREEN™ by BoldtSmith.

NET GREEN is our term for looking at sustainability holistically. Simply switching to sustainable packaging materials instead of traditional materials may actually be worse for carbon mitigation and the environment in general. 

Hard deadlines are in place for companies to reduce their carbon footprints throughout their supply chains. The reality is that sustainability via materials – such as recyclable packaging, reusable packaging and returnable packaging – are  variables in a much larger sustainability equation. Do we recommend recyclable materials? Yes. But reducing transit costs by proper shipping design delivers a greater sustainability shift with fewer trucks on the road and fewer containers on ships. 

Oil-based transportation depletes our natural resources. And damage control by not addressing the cycle of replacements and returns only increases the waste in landfills. In the case of OEMs, lost assembly time hinders shipping and packaging operations. 

We can help you make the NET GREEN calculations you need to justify the ROI financially, and with the earth in mind.

Types of Sustainable Packaging and Shipping Solutions

As consumer awareness of environmental issues grows, there is a rising demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Consumers are getting smarter, and preferences for sustainable solutions as part of the buying decision are rising. This goes beyond just the materials used.

Materials Optimization

While materials play a significant role in sustainable packaging, optimizing their use can further enhance eco-friendliness. This includes minimizing the use of single-use plastics, prioritizing recyclable materials, sourcing from renewable resources, and adopting packaging solutions such as Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging program.

Damage Reduction

Reducing product damage during shipping not only saves money and resources but also minimizes waste associated with replacement packaging and damaged goods disposal. Sustainable design principles, such as utilizing flexible packaging and customizing packaging to fit products snugly can all contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Shipping Optimization

Optimizing shipping practices can significantly reduce the environmental footprint associated with transportation. Eco-friendly packaging solutions, such as right-sizing packaging to minimize volume and using dunnage made from recyclable materials, can help reduce carbon emissions and shipping costs. By prioritizing efficiency and sustainability in shipping operations, businesses can minimize their environmental impact as they meet increasing customer demand for eco-friendly products and packaging.

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Sustainable packaging FAQs

Sustainable product packaging isn’t the ultimate solution to sustainability among customers and yet the vast majority of companies believe they just need to incorporate recyclable plastic instead of traditional plastic to make a difference. Not necessarily true. 

We know the most common sustainability myths and how businesses can face these to make a difference with eco-conscious consumers.

It is true that sometimes recycled materials cost more because the manufacturing process has not scaled to create comparable costs to legacy materials. Thinking of it differently, we can provide you with a value equation that includes overall transit and labor costs in addition to materials that will solve the “balance” issue.

We use a software platform that can provide a detailed data breakdown of two packaging designs and the carbon footprint each has on the environment. This will include water consumption for the manufacturing of materials, diesel emissions for transportation, etc. The formulas are the basis for our vision to bring NET GREEN sustainability as a performance criterion to the broader packaging industry.

If you have a current issue now, such as damage, we will provide you with a solution that includes the review of all packaging materials. Effectiveness should not be judged by way of materials, but rather, by way of design.

Yes, we work with companies that sell into Costco, Walmart, BJ’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Target, among others.

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