Sustainable packaging and shipping

Sustainability is no longer a nice to have.
It’s a must have.

Types of sustainable packaging and shipping solutions

As consumer awareness of environmental issues grows, there is a rising demand for sustainable packaging solutions.  As large companies demand their entire supply chain report sustainability actions, a future without a comprehensive sustainability strategy simply will not be competitive.

In addition to our commitment to NET GREEN™ – a holistic look at the the metrics of overall sustainability – we also offer tactical initiatives as you consider your next packaging or shipping choices. 

Materials optimization

Materials play a significant role in sustainable packaging. Optimizing their use can further enhance eco-friendliness, to include minimizing the use of single-use plastics, prioritizing recyclable materials, sourcing from renewable resources and adopting packaging solutions such as Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging program. Our knowledge of materials options is current, because it has to be.

Damage reduction

Reducing product damage during shipping not only saves money and resources, it also minimizes material waste associated with replacement packaging. Sustainable design principles, such as utilizing modular packaging and customizing packaging to fit products snugly can all contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Shipping optimization

Optimizing shipping practices can significantly reduce the environmental footprint associated with transportation. Eco-friendly packaging solutions, such as right-sizing packaging vs. using air pillows not made from recyclable materials, can help to both reduce carbon emissions and shipping costs. By prioritizing efficiency and sustainability in shipping operations, businesses can minimize their environmental impact as they meet increasing demand for eco-friendly products and packaging.

Sustainability case studies

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Sustainable packaging FAQs

It is true that sometimes recycled materials do cost more. Our job is to find solutions by thinking creatively so that we can include a value equation that includes overall freight and labor costs in addition to materials, which solves the “balance” issue.

Eco-friendly packaging minimizes environmental impact by utilizing sustainable materials that are renewable, recyclable, or biodegradable. By minimizing waste throughout the packaging lifecycle, from production to disposal, we maximize raw material savings. Our approach reduces carbon footprint, conserves resources, and promotes a circular economy, contributing to overall environmental sustainability and mitigating harm to ecosystems.

When we design solutions we always take into account NET GREEN™ sustainability, which is our holistic view of all the factors that impact eco-friendly packaging and shipping . Our recommendations will be sustainable overall, not just suggesting you use compostable materials or plastic alternatives. Because we are materials agnostic, meaning we choose the best overall materials for the job, how those materials are ultimately sourced are up to you. We are happy to make recommendations but receive no compensation from materials manufacturers for doing so.

Yes, that is the objective. If you have a current issue now, such as damage, we will provide you with a solution that includes the review of all possible packaging materials. Effectiveness should not be judged by way of materials, but rather, by way of design.

Yes, we work with companies that sell into Costco, Walmart, BJ’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Target, among others.

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