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Couch vs supply chain? BoldtSmith for the win

Whether it’s manufactured domestically or overseas, furniture ships through some of the most rigorous supply chains, such as LTL and small parcel carrier services. These tough logistics combined with bulky, fragile furniture often result in costly product damage.

BoldtSmith works with assembled and knock-down furniture companies to create optimized packaging designs to prevent damage and lower material costs. Our data-driven designs use custom transit testing to identify hazards along your supply chain, so your furniture arrives safely.

Finding the right balance in furniture shipping & packaging

Large, fragile furniture presents a unique set of challenges for companies when it comes to packaging and shipping. Here are some of the biggest problems BoldtSmith can solve:

Balancing protection and cost

Large furniture requires robust packaging that can withstand transportation bumps and potential stacking. However, excessive packaging materials drive up costs and contribute to waste. We’ll find the right balance between protection and affordability.

Optimizing package size and shape

Large, awkwardly shaped furniture can be difficult to fit efficiently into shipping containers or trucks. This wasted space translates to higher transportation costs and potential environmental impact. Our creative and customer solutions maximize space utilization so you can move more products, faster.

Costly damage

The sheer size and weight of large furniture makes it prone to damage during loading, unloading, and delivery. We will design custom protective measures that minimize damage and damage claims.


Traditional packaging solutions for large furniture can generate significant waste. BoldtSmith packaging engineers will find sustainable solutions that offer adequate protection and minimize the unnecessary waste that can come from return shipping and inefficient shipping and packaging methods.

Case study

Reducing damage and costs for domestic furniture manufacturer

A U S based furniture manufacturer partnered with us to reduce damage during transit We were challenged to do that without increasing shipping and material costs Our designs also needed to be optimized for both LTL and FTL supply chains...

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