Cold chain solutions

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Cold chain packaging solutions consist of comprehensive systems designed to store, transport and manage products that are sensitive to temperature variations.

At BoldtSmith, we design custom cold chain solutions that ensure products are maintained at a consistent and precise temperature throughout their entire journey. Cold chain packaging design helps to avoid melting or spoilage and maintain safety and quality standards.

Cold chain packaging examples


Temperature-controlled packaging to ensure the safe transportation of sensitive medications and vaccines.

Biological samples

Specialized containers to maintain extremely low temperatures for the transportation of biological samples, laboratory specimens, and research materials.

Food & beverages

Refrigerated trucks and containers equipped with cooling units to maintain the freshness of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and other kinds of food during transportation.

Flowers & plants

Insulated containers with controlled humidity levels for shipping delicate flowers and plants, ensuring they arrive in a healthy state.

Chemicals & reagents

Insulated containers with precise temperature control for shipping chemicals, reagents, and laboratory supplies that require specific temperature conditions.

Temperature-sensitive equipment

Shipping solutions for equipment sensitive to temperature fluctuations, such as electronics, sensors, and precision instruments.

How we solve cold chain shipping and packaging problems

Maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products throughout the cold chain supply line poses a number of significant challenges for companies. Here are some of the biggest challenges we can solve:

Cost reduction

Cold chain shipping comes with it’s own unique set of requirements that drive up costs, from temperature monitoring and control to stringent food safety regulations. We look at solutions that help to minimize costs and increase profit without compromising the quality of your product or your customer’s experience.

Disrupted temperature control

Even minor fluctuations in temperature can spoil perishable goods or compromise the efficacy of pharmaceuticals. We’ll ensure your packaging is designed to maintain consistent cold temperatures during storage, transportation, and handling.

Damage to products or packaging

Inadequate packaging can lead to costly damage, resulting in temperature breaches, physical damage to products, or even contamination. Testing the effectiveness of multiple solutions and choosing the right package can help avoid this complex problem.

Contamination risks

Cold chain solutions that aren’t properly designed can cause bacteria and mold growth. We help companies incorporate and adhere to strict sanitation protocols that prevent contamination that could sicken consumers or render products unusable.

Labor and staffing limitations

Cold chain shipping and packaging requires knowledgeable and experienced engineers that many companies don’t have on staff. Our skilled engineers can work with your team, or contract with you in a full service engagement, to ensure you have a solution that delivers.

Sustainability and waste reduction

Cold chain shipping and packaging solutions require a balance of ensuring product safety and minimizing environmental impact. This becomes especially tricky when large and oversized boxes or methods of insulation are left to the customers to dispose of properly. We focus on solutions that keep our NET GREEN™ commitment in mind so that your customers, and our planet, both win.

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