Staffing augmentation

Get expertise on-site and on-call.

BoldtSmith gets you boots on the ground.

One of the biggest and most common challenges our customers face is staffing limitations. Inability to get a team member on-site or just the lack of a full-time packaging engineer on staff can create issues such as downtime or unnoticed inefficiencies. BoldtSmith has a team of engineers with deep experience in multiple sectors who are ready to bring their expertise to your team. 

We also have a professional network. Food, beverage, CPG, e-commerce, furniture and military are just a few of the industries where our engineers have added value.

We’ll assess the areas of opportunity that exist first-hand and in real-time. If you need help on a single project, or a whole warehouse full of products, BoldtSmith can help with staffing solutions custom to your needs.

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Staffing augmentation FAQs

In some situations it makes financial sense to hire a full-time packaging engineer and in others a consultant. We will analyze your current packaging needs and give a recommendation as to which route is best for your unique situation.

Absolutely! This is a great scenario. It makes sense to have a BoldtSmith packaging consultant on a retainer contract.

Understaffed? We’ve got an engineer for that.

Let BoldtSmith help.