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Cut costs on shipping and materials.

There are a lot of costs related to product shipping. Packaging materials, freight and labor costs will scale along with your business’s growth. Optimizing your packaging is all about minimizing these costs. One BoldtSmith client saved over $6 million per year on labor and materials alone.

Our unbiased approach to packaging materials and wide multi-sector expertise give our engineering teams the ability to look at solutions that tackle shipping and packaging problems at the highest level while also getting into the details. Unit load and pallet optimization are just parts of the equation. We look at the big picture to identify every savings opportunity possible.

We look at material and labor costs, complete rigorous testing protocols and identify all of the potential hazards your product faces along the supply chain. This data gives us the information we need to provide you with recommendations that are immediately implementable and have your ROI in mind.

Cost reduction case studies

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Cost reduction FAQs

BoldtSmith customers own the designs and specifications that we provide on every project. Because we are unbiased and material-agnostic, we will happily bid out the specifications to multiple vendors to get you the very best quality and price. We have no special relationships with manufacturers, so you never have to worry about being upsold on any extra or unnecessary materials.

Because we don’t sell any packaging materials, our recommendations are always 100% unbiased. Our recommendations for shipping and packaging solutions are always best on what we think will work best for you, and can include materials from metal crates to high barrier films. Based on the findings of our testing and analysis, we consider any and all options that could best meet your needs.

We work with clients around the globe to solve their packaging challenges. Many of the material types and strengths that are commonly found overseas can be used in our samples.

Optimize your packaging and reduce your costs.

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