Case study

Lowering freight costs, packaging materials and damage for a home security company




Cost Reduction

The problem

A leading technology company and provider of home security services came to BoldtSmith in need of a solution that would allow them to:

  • Reduce packaging material amount
  • Fit more product in an ocean container
  • Improve sustainability in shipping and packaging
  • Survive small parcel shipping without damage to the product or packaging

Our approach

Our team thoroughly evaluated the client’s current packaging performance and size, compiling findings and insights from our analysis.

Once we identified the opportunities for improvement, we designed four potential packaging solutions which included several material options, such as molded pulp, EPS foam, EPE foam, and corrugated.

Once concepts were approved, we completed the design, generated samples and completed comprehensive testing to ensure performance.


Because of our informative data and rigorous testing, the client selected a paper-based solution that resulted in a performance increase, more product in an ocean container, and lower small parcel costs domestically.



Less packaging materials (by weight)


More product fitting on an ocean container