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We’ll optimize your packaging, so you can optimize your profits.

Shipping and packaging solutions for manufacturing with assembly lines require expertise that runs both deep and wide. Our engineers at BoldtSmith can create solutions for everything from individual components to finished goods, as well as work in parallel with client manufacturing protocols.

Our custom packaging designs are built to balance cost with sustainability, so you can keep profits high and environmental impact low.

Manufacturing packaging & shipping

How we balance cost, protection, and sustainability

Manufacturers face a number of shipping and packaging challenges, from scalability to keep up with product demand to strict security requirements. Here are a few the manufacturing and assembly line challenges we solve:

Cost vs sustainability

Sustainable packaging materials can be more expensive than traditional options, but eliminating product damage can greatly offset those costs. We help manufacturers find a balance between affordability and environmental responsibility with proper testing, optimization of packaging size, and exploring innovative, yet cost-effective, sustainable materials.

Ensuring product protection

Packaging needs to be robust enough to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling, preventing damage to the product. This is especially crucial for delicate or fragile items. We ensure that both increasing protection and minimizing material usage are considered in our designs.

Navigating evolving regulations

Packaging regulations vary by product and industry, and new regulations are always being introduced. We take on the responsibility of knowing labeling, safety, and disposal guidelines for our manufacturing clients so they can focus on their business.

Catering to diverse distribution channels

Products may be shipped directly to consumers, sold through retail stores, or transported in bulk to distributors. We take the time to understand each scenario so we can design packaging solutions that are suitable for various distribution channels, optimizing size and handling for each destination and stage of the journey.

Case study

Reducing damage and costs for domestic furniture manufacturer

A U S based furniture manufacturer partnered with us to reduce damage during transit We were challenged to do that without increasing shipping and material costs Our designs also needed to be optimized for both LTL and FTL supply chains...

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