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Packaging optimization begins with identifying current or potential causes for product damage and uncovering cost reduction opportunities. Our team of expert packaging engineers design solutions that balance those costs associated with product damage along with material, freight, and labor costs.

Packaging optimization leads to shipping optimization. If both transit costs and damaged product costs can be significantly reduced, the net impact is a measurable improvement in overall profit. Win win.

How do we do it? We follow the product’s journey and take into account all possible points of damage and opportunities for improvement, once again considering freight, material and labor costs. Pain points are isolated and data is collected via prototype. And then we give you a value equation that can predict net return when implemented.

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BoldtSmith’s shipping and packaging optimization process

At BoldtSmith, we’ve developed a unique process for evaluating and improving shipping and packaging systems. Each client experiences our proven process that pairs tailored and unique solutions with our wide-range of shipping and packaging expertise.

Product assessment

Assessments begin by conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s current packaging and shipping processes, including materials, testing methods, and performance metrics. We evaluate factors such as product protection, shipping efficiency, and customer experience to identify areas for improvement. 

Operations evaluation

While evaluating the current shipping and packaging solutions, we conduct a comprehensive process review, examining materials sourcing, potential cost savings, operational workflows, and supply chain process. We look to see if a client is using the correct package size or if there’s too much excess space. Are current shipping costs in line with expectations or could we improve processes? Is their sustainable packaging actually making an environmental impact or could more be done by optimizing the entire supply chain?

Prototype development and testing

BoldtSmith packaging experts develop custom prototype solutions designed to address shipping and packaging efficiency. These prototypes of packaging options undergo rigorous testing to evaluate their performance in real-world conditions, including durability, product protection, and sustainability. They are never based on preferred suppliers, they are unbiased and vendor agnostic to ensure the very best results.

All prototypes are designed, thoroughly tested and validated to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We test the packing process, packaging size, transportation costs, shipping charges, and more to ensure performance across each solution we present. This is all conducted internally so that our customers have 100% ownership of the packaging specifications. 

Client review

We work closely with clients to ensure that the final solutions meet their requirements and expectations. We bring a collaborative approach and iterative process that prioritizes a client’s input and satisfaction. Our innovative packing strategies only work when our clients believe in them as well.

Production and implementation

Once a shipping and packaging solution is approved, our team oversees every step of the production process, from packaging machinery to line tries. This ensure quality, consistency, and timely delivery. Our team provides a seamless transition flow to the new packaging solutions, supported by ongoing communication and support from our team.

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Shipping & packaging optimization case studies

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Shipping & packaging optimization FAQs

Shipping and packaging optimization occurs when our engineers design a solution that reduces or eliminates product damage, increases packaging performance and reduces material, freight and labor costs. With so many shipping and packaging choices, engaging with experts ensures you’re doing it right.

Packaging and shipping optimization can lead to significant cost savings by reducing material waste, minimizing shipping fees, and streamlining operational workflows. Additionally, it can enhance customer satisfaction and brand reputation by ensuring products arrive intact, on time, and in eco-friendly packaging.

From unique packaging requirements to unhappy customers, or rising freight costs to product integrity, there are many reasons why someone is looking to optimize their shipping and packaging. But, that’s where we come in. Our engineers will complete an onsite visit to review and assess your current packaging process. We then provide a report of potential for damage reduction, packaging material improvements and freight and labor cost reduction.

Absolutely not. Your product’s safety and your customers’ satisfaction are our biggest priorities. We get rid of ineffective packaging and find ways to increase your profit by using efficient and sustainable materials that may actually reduce damage.

No, quite the opposite. Because we don’t manufacture any packaging, we are completely unbiased and material-agnostic. What we care about is saving you money on material costs with the best possible solutions. That is how we are judged, and how we maintain our reputation.

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