Case study

Saving money by reducing material spend for a global technology company


Manufacturing & assembly line


Shipping & packaging optimization

The problem

A global technology and engineering company was in need of a solution to optimize the shipping and packaging of gauges which are a critical component to the performance of oil rigs. BoldtSmith provided an engineer to lead this project through the following objectives:

  • Minimize packaging materials to limit waste on oil rigs
  • Improve packaging performance while reducing material costs

Our approach

BoldtSmith’s lead engineer worked with the team to ideate potential solutions to the client’s challenge, including 3D renders.

From the possibilities presented, the selected concepts were designed and tested to ensure waste was as minimal as possible, but still maintaining the integrity of the packaging.

A full analysis of the solution and improvements provided showed significant annual savings and opportunity for increased profit.


BoldtSmith’s optimized shipping and packaging solution allowed the client to consolidate various SKU packaging and material cost savings.



Less master carton material


Total package sizes across 46 SKUs