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Shelf-stable shipping and packaging solutions

Shipping and packaging in the food and beverage industry requires careful consideration of multiple variables and consumer preferences. When optimizing, BoldtSmith engineers take into account food safety, shelf-life, temperature control, regulatory requirements and NET GREEN™ sustainability.

BoldtSmith Packaging experts have executed solutions at all levels within food and beverage companies providing a wide range of cost saving solutions.

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Food & beverage packaging and shipping issues

We deliver the right balance of preservation and on-shelf performance.

Whether you’re concerned with an attractive food packaging design or finding new cost reduction strategies, our team of shipping and packaging experts has helped the food and beverage industry find the most optimized solutions for every kind of product.

Even with constant innovations in packaging technologies, the food and beverage industry faces unique challenges when handling products. As specialists, our knowledge helps companies navigate these common issues while maintaining the success and profitability of their product lines.

Spoilage and contamination

For many food products, arriving fresh and extending shelf life are top priorities. If not adequately packaged, fresh produce, such as berries and leafy greens, easily develop mold or bacterial growth. As any food expert would agree, designing packaging that provides a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants is vital, but it doesn’t stop with just packaging. We help food and beverage companies implement temperature-controlled shipping methods and custom solutions that ensure proper storage conditions throughout the supply chain journey.

Damage during transit

Beverage and food products that arrive crushed, dented, or broken impact customer quality perceptions. With freight costs rising, the pressure to maintain profit without raising prices is real. At BoldtSmith, we engineer for efficiency, testing materials at multiple price points. Because we don’t manufacture packaging materials, we simply make the recommendations that best suit your company’s balance of shipping weight and potential for damage.

Regulatory compliance

The food and beverage industry requires that packaging pass rigorous regulatory requirements. From food safety to allergen information to nutritional breakdowns, failure to label correctly is a risk to consumers and a potential recall problem for your business. Our team of packaging experts keeps up with the latest food safety regulations across the country, and in the world. We work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance wherever you sell.

Shelf appeal and branding

Brand standards are important to differentiate any food and beverage product, but so is shelf appeal, especially when consumers aren’t brand loyal. BoldSmith Packaging experts always maintain a product’s visibility and brand recognition as the packaging protects the integrity of the food product. We balance visual appeal with your brand requirements and guidelines. We can also help you develop packaging-specific guidelines that balance with brand standards.

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Cold chain warehouse

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