Case Study

Reducing damage and shipping costs for a cold chain food brand


Food & beverage


Damage reduction

The problem

A leading distributor of food products faced two major challenges in their packaging and shipping operations: chocolate melting during transportation and excessive freight costs. With 16 domestic distribution centers relying on efficient packaging solutions, the client sought a partner to optimize their packaging while addressing these critical issues.

Our approach

Samples were created and subjected to rigorous testing, simulating various shipping conditions and weather scenarios. As part of our innovative approach, we developed a calculator that takes into account factors such as weather conditions, customer location, and packaging quantity to optimize the product journey.

Additionally, we conducted a comprehensive financial analysis to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the proposed solutions.


Our optimizations equated to $66,000 per month in materials savings alone.

The new packaging design significantly reduced instances of product damage during transit. We not only saved on replacement costs but also enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring product integrity upon delivery.

Our commitment to sustainability was reflected in the adoption of a 100% recyclable packaging solution, aligning with the company’s values and environmental goals.



Recyclable packaging solution


Monthly materials savings