Case study

Meeting frustration-free requirements and increasing output for children’s toy brand




Shipping & Packaging Optimization

The problem

A large toy manufacturer wanted their packaging to be categorized as Amazon Frustration-Free. To qualify as “frustration-free”, packaging designs must not use excess materials and must be recyclable. BoldtSmith was asked to create frustration-free designs for 300 SKUs that not only pass Amazon’s SIOC FFP certification, but also allow the manufacturer to ship more packages per pallet.

Our approach

BoldtSmith engineers analyzed and documented existing packaging for all 300+ SKUs, which informed the designs, samples and specifications for each. They then completed all of the Amazon-required testing for every design.

The BoldtSmith team sent various samples and specifications to manufacturers for quoting. Once samples were provided from the manufacturers, BoldtSmith reviewed them carefully to ensure they matched the designs and requirements. 


With our packaging optimization expertise, the company was able to achieve the desired frustration-free designation, while also increasing the average number of packages per pallet, decreasing packaging size and increasing the average number of packages per ocean container. 



More packages per pallet


Decrease in package size


More packages per ocean container