Case study

Reducing costs by minimizing damage for an international glass manufacturer


Manufacturing & assembly line


Cost reduction

The problem

An international glass tableware manufacturer partnered with BoldtSmith to overcome product damage issues and reduce costs associated with materials and freight. Specific requirements for this engagement included:

  • Reduce packaging material costs by 25%
  • Decrease labor to package products by 20%
  • Reduce inventory of packaging by 40%
  • Automate the packing and palletization process

Our approach

BoldtSmith completed an onsite visit to review first-hand the current packaging materials, designs and processes in use. The team then mapped the supply chain to gather data and understand the various hazards the products would potentially encounter.

Using the results from the assessment and supply chain mapping, BoldtSmith engineers created optimized designs and samples. These samples were run through transit testing and line trials at the plant to ensure performance and identify any additional concerns or opportunities.

Because BoltSmith services extend beyond just the packaging design, we also created pallet patterns to ensure optimal shipping and storage efficiency.


BoldtSmith’s shipping and packaging design services provided Arc with holistic solutions to their problems. Together we were able to deliver cost savings with materials and reduce the overall total of materials used. 



reduction on packaging components


 in material cost savings