Case study

Reducing material, labor and freight costs for a popular fresh food brand


Consumer packaged goods


Cost reduction

The problem

The leading brand in ready-to-eat produce wanted to determine if their current corrugated master cartons were utilizing the correct material strength. They enlisted BoldtSmith to optimize their packaging to reduce material, labor and freight costs. Also, to standardize their packaging across 6 packaging plants with multiple SKUs.

Our approach

The evaluation, design, testing and implementation timeline was eight weeks across six plants, and began with onsite visits to all six facilities. BoldtSmith engineers transit tested the current packaging to verify and identify any issues, both known and undiscovered.

The design team engineered potential solutions, followed by development of samples and specifications for the client. Complete transit testing, line trials and ship tests were conducted, providing valuable insights into the performance of the various options presented.

We then provided them with a financial analysis which outlined the annual cost savings and projections comparing the current packaging to the BoldtSmith optimized packaging.


Through our work together, we were able to deliver substantial material cost savings while reducing transit damage and utilizing standardized packaging. 



Annual material cost savings


Plants with standardized packaging