Case study

Doubling the amount of retail product shipped by moving to a paper solution





The problem

A large supplier to the major ceiling fan brands in the U.S. partnered with BoldtSmith to help design a packaging solution that would be 100% paper-based and would allow for more product to fit inside its ocean containers. The product is sold in Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Our approach

We began by making recommendations to modify the product itself for better shipping efficiency, ensuring that it could be packed more densely without compromising quality. Leveraging advanced design techniques, we created detailed 3D packaging concepts tailored to the client’s specifications. Samples were produced and subjected to rigorous testing, including ISTA testing, to ensure compliance with industry standards and performance requirements. Additionally, we conducted a thorough financial analysis to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the proposed packaging solution.


Our collaboration resulted in improvements across multiple metrics. By implementing the new packaging solution, the client increased the amount of product that could be shipped in an ocean container by 18%. Domestically, the amount of product that could fit on a pallet doubled, further optimizing logistics and storage.

The transition to a 100% paper-based solution increased packaging performance and aligned with the brand’s sustainability goals.



More product in an ocean container


Amount of product that fits on a pallet domestically


Paper-based solution