Case Study

Eliminating plastic, streamlining packaging for a tech company


Consumer packaged goods



The problem

A leading provider of cybersecurity solutions approached BoldtSmith with a challenge: to redesign the packaging for their refurbished cybersecurity items shipped globally.

The key objectives were to implement a 100% recyclable packaging solution while simultaneously reducing packaging material costs. This included a sustainability analysis to compare the environmental impact of the current packaging with the proposed optimized solution.

Our approach

We held multiple brainstorming sessions to generate innovative ideas, followed by 3D concepts to visualize potential packaging designs. Prototypes were created and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure durability and effectiveness in protecting the products during transit. 

Throughout the process, we monitored cost effectiveness and studied the financial feasibility of alternate solutions.


The optimized packaging design not only met the company’s sustainability goals but also delivered cost savings through reduced packaging material costs. The sustainability analysis conducted by BoldtSmith provided valuable insights into the environmental impact of the new packaging, providing a positive contribution to corporate sustainability goals.



Reduction in plastic materials


Savings in material costs


Reduction in packaging types across various SKUs