Case study

Passing rigorous testing protocols with sustainable solutions for an environmental products company


Consumer packaged goods


Damage reduction

The problem

A manufacturer of sustainability products – in this case trash cans – was incurring significant damage during international shipping. They needed the solution to be scalable, and it needed to use 100% recyclable packaging to align with brand’s mission.


Our approach

Once we were able to identify possible solutions, our team built 3D concepts and designs to specifically address damage issues. We were able to design a custom insert to better protect the can lid without having to change the entire product box.

From there, we began testing 2 different prototypes with drop tests to determine which could withstand damage the best. At the same time, our team ran a financial analysis to advise on the best materials within their current packaging costs.


Through our optimized packaging insert for the trash can lid, we were able to quickly develop a solution to pass transit testing and keep the overall packaging 100% recyclable. This was accomplished in three days to meet what was a previously impossible deadline from their internal team. 



Recyclable solution


Day turnaround


More product shipped per ocean container