Case study

Discovering significant savings by eliminating damage for an international beverage brand


Food & beverage


Damage reduction

The problem

An international beverage manufacturer was facing issues with damage to their bottles during shipping. Due to loads shifting and the stacking that happens during freight, many bottles and pallets were arriving damaged.

Our project consisted of two requirements:

  • Reduce damage to beverages and pallets during transportation
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings

Our approach

BoldtSmith completed an onsite visit to review the current packaging design, materials and processes for shipping an international beverage brand. We found a range of issues regarding the shipping materials and loading process.

From there, our team began to brainstorm solutions and develop prototype solutions. We managed the review and assessment of packaging samples. We tested these samples through line trials to ensure products and pallets remained safe and damage-free.

Throughout this process, our team evaluated and optimized the materials used in order to reduce overall costs.


Through our shipping material and process optimization, we were able to successfully eliminate the damage suffered during shipping entirely.



Reduction in material and freight costs