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Cold Chain Packaging

Packaging Design Challenge

Cold chain packaging is an exploding business with companies looking to ship product direct to the consumer through a small parcel supply chain. Some of these products are temperature sensitive and require specific packaging in order to survive this supply chain. A large candy supplier recently reached out to BoldtSmith Packaging to develop a cost-effective method of shipping small chocolate parcels.


  • Avoid melting issues
  • Survive direct-to-consumer shipping

BoldtSmith Actions  

  1. Brainstorm potential packaging solutions
  2. Create packaging specifications
  3. Create packaging samples
  4. Test the samples to the appropriate ISTA testing protocol
  5. Create packing instructions
  6. Send specifications for pricing
  7. Create financial analysis including packaging, labor and freight costs
  8. Present the design, pricing and testing results
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Positive Results

For this project, we were able to design, sample, test and implement a cost effective packaging solution that gets the chocolate to the customer without damage issues.  

  • Reduction in melting related issues

  • Achieved ISTA thermal standards

  • Optimized for lowest possible cost

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