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Do You Have Too Many Boxes?

Packaging Design Challenge

Does this sound familiar?

“As new products and part numbers were created we just came up with a new box. Next thing we know we have hundreds of boxes that are all pretty much the same size.”  Don’t worry, this is an area of expertise at BoldtSmith Packaging. We work with customers to consolidate and reduce the number of boxes.


  • Consolidate package designs
  • Reduce package complexity
  • Lower annual packaging costs

BoldtSmith Actions

Packaging consolidation begins with asking the following questions:

  1. Are you constantly trying to manage inventory on hundreds of boxes?
  2. Are low-volume boxes killing your bottom line?
  3. Do you have boxes that have been in the warehouse for over 6 months?
  4. Do you have different boxes for the same size product?
  5. Is your warehouse busting at the seams with empty boxes?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consolidate and save your company money. Contact BoldtSmith Packaging to find out how.
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Improved Efficiency

Recently we worked with a company and reduced the total number of different cartons used.

  • Over $300,000In annual packaging costs savings

  • Consolidated designsOver 100 different cartons down to 20

  • Warehouse space savedBy eliminating redundant boxes

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