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Packaging Design Challenge

A customer recently reached out to BoldtSmith Packaging in a time crunch to develop a new packaging design and new product introduction. The product would be packed domestically and sold through Amazon.


  • Develop new product packaging from scratch in just 3 business days
  • Avoid damage shipping through a small parcel supply chain

BoldtSmith Actions

We put three of our packaging engineers on this project working together as a team to brainstorm concepts and complete the project deliverables. This included all three engineers working through the weekend.

  1. Create an optimized e-commerce packaging design
  2. Create packaging specifications
  3. Create packaging samples
  4. Test the samples to the Amazon required testing protocol
  5. Create packing instructions
  6. Send specifications for pricing
  7. Create financial analysis including packaging, labor and freight costs
  8. Present the design, pricing and testing results

Rapid Turnaround

What would be an anticipated timeline to complete this project with a packaging manufacturer? 1 Month? 3 Months? 6 Months?

  • Project completedIn 3 business days!

At BoldtSmith Packaging, our number one goal is to exceed customer expectations. Speed is one of the many ways we do this.

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Packaging Design Process

The customer requested that the company name and product remain confidential, so we are unable to provide specifics on the project. However, we are able to provide some high-level information.

The product is made of tempered glass and is susceptible to product damage shipping through a small parcel supply chain. The weight and narrowness of the product were key considerations in the package design. It was critical that the product disperse its weight over a cushioned surface during drop tests. Because the product is packed domestically, labor cost was a critical part of the solution.

Variables such as performance, packaging materials, pricing, customer unloading experience, etc. were all included in our analysis. Since BoldtSmith Packaging does not manufacture or sell packaging, we are unbiased as to what material should be utilized in the design. After solutions are developed, we create the specifications which our customer then owns. This gives the procurement department the power to bid through as many packaging suppliers as they please.

During small parcel shipping, products are typically dropped multiple times. The option we decided to move forward with utilized corrugated and PE foam to prevent the product from moving during shipping and provide adequate cushioning. Corrugated caps were utilized to disperse the weight of the product against PE foam. Packaging samples are created in-house using a high-speed CNC table that cuts out corrugated cardboard and foam.


Small Parcel Package Designers

Have a new product being launched on Amazon and looking for an optimized packaging solution? Or perhaps a product that is being sold into a retail environment that will be also sold online? Should the retail and e-commerce SKU share the same packaging?

At BoldtSmith Packaging, we will provide data-driven designs that give our customers the best possible solution!

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