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Packaging Redesign – Single Service Hot Sauce Packaging

Packaging Design Challenge

What an exciting project! A hot sauce manufacturer reached out to BoldtSmith Packaging looking for a re-design on their current single-serve packaging. BoldtSmith developed multiple single-serve packaging design concepts that enhance this iconic brand and increase the customer experience when using their product. These concepts would be presented to a cross-functional team including marketing from headquarters and manufacturing from the plant. Including both marketing and manufacturing is critical when vetting packaging solutions.


  • Consider user experience & marketing value
  • Reduce individual packet & master carton cost
  • Present multiple designs to be marketing & manufacturing teams

BoldtSmith Actions

We broke the plan to develop these packaging concepts into five steps:

  1. Competitive benchmark: What is the competition doing for single-serve packaging? What are other product categories doing for single-serve packaging? What is working and what is not working?
  2. Brainstorm session: Group collaboration with all BoldtSmith Packaging Engineer’s to brainstorm all potential packaging solutions.
  3. Create package renderings: Utilizing our in-house graphic designer and packaging engineers, we designed multiple packaging concepts ranging from the opening price point to a premium packaging experience.
  4. Acquire pricing: What happens when you present the packaging concepts to manufacturing? The first question is “How much do they cost”? To answer this, we contacted both packaging suppliers and machinery manufacturers for budgetary pricing.
  5. Present the options: Detail the advantages/disadvantages for each design along with a financial analysis comparing the piece price of each concept, master carton costs, pallet patterns and capital investment needed for packing machinery.

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Real Manufacturable Designs

  • Multiple designs of varying sizes

  • Cost-effective designs

  • Various budgetary price points

Design SamplesSee the gallery!


BoldtSmith does not provide concepts that look great in a fancy PowerPoint but cannot be manufactured. We provide solutions vetted for manufacturability with pricing and key data points for the customer to make an informed decision on which they would like to pursue.

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