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Shower Door Base – Cost Reduction

Packaging Design Challenge

A company that manufactures shower doors and bases reached out to BoldtSmith Packaging to reduce costs associated with the below variables.


  1. Reduce packaging material costs
  2. Reduce labor costs associated with packing product
  3. Increase amount of product fitting into an ocean container
  4. Reduce dimensional weight for small parcel shipments

BoldtSmith Actions

  1. Analyze current packaging to determine opportunities for improvement
  2. Create 4 optimized packaging designs, samples and specifications
  3. Complete testing on the 4 optimized packaging designs
  4. Create financial analysis capturing material costs, freight costs and labor costs
  5. Send packaging samples and specifications to the product manufacturer for review
  6. Complete a first article inspection of production packaging


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Product Packaging Savings

From BoldtSmith optimized package designs

  • 65% ReductionIn costs realized

  • New optimizedPackaging design


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