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Graphic Design for New Product Launch

Company: Johnsonville

Packaging Design Challenge

Johnsonville Sausage teamed up with BoldtSmith Creative Director Ray Andrew on an exciting new product launch, the Johnsonville Sausage Strips.


  • Capture the eye in a competitive grocery store setting
  • Maintain consistency with brand identity

BoldtSmith Actions

Over two hundred retail package designs were created, reviewed, researched, and evaluated for the best consumer response. Using proprietary methods helped ensure the most successful results upon launch. Due to client confidentiality, we are limited in what we can share about specific data and the processes used to select the final designs.

The Johnsonville Innovation Team led by Erik Falck is top-notch and we are glad to be a part of this new launch!

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Brand Development

After creating hundreds of designs and evaluating for the best consumer response, the result is a package design that not only stands out on the shelves but also provides a memorable experience for the customer.

  • Over 200Retail package designs created

  • Reviewed, researched & evaluatedFor best customer response

Design SamplesSee the gallery!


Learn more about Johnsonville’s new Sausage Strips product line at their website.

Package Design Solutions

The reception of a new product is influenced by the colors, typography, photography or illustration and materials used in its packaging. BoldtSmith designers can both develop new customized packaging solutions and breathe new life into existing design styles.

Meeting with a retailer for a product line review? BoldtSmith Packaging can quickly create graphics and printed packaging samples. Get started with your new package design!

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