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Packaging Design Challenge

BoldtSmith Packaging recently completed a project for a customer in the kitchen appliance world. The project goal was to determine the optimized packaging material designed to ship to big-box retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s around the U.S. and Canada.


  • Optimize appliance package design for retail shipping
  • Reduce freight and material costs

BoldtSmith Actions

  1. Visit all stopping points in the supply chain and ship the product with a data recording device to create a custom testing protocol that matches the customer’s supply chain
  2. Create optimized retail packaging design solutions
  3. Create packaging specifications
  4. Develop packaging samples in-house
  5. Create containerization files for optimized packaging solutions
  6. Test the samples to the custom testing protocol
  7. Send specifications for pricing
  8. Complete a financial analysis including packaging, labor and freight costs
  9. Present the design, pricing and testing results
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Cost Savings and Damage Reduction

BoldtSmith conducts financial analysis for all package designs, using a custom testing protocol to map & mitigate real-world hazards before they cause product damage.

  • 25% reductionIn freight costs

  • 46% reductionIn packaging material costs

  • DiminishedProduct transit damage


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Packaging Design Development

From our experience, a packaging manufacturer will provide a solution with the material they sell. A corrugated supplier will provide a corrugated solution and a foam supplier will provide a foam solution. This is where the advantage of BoldtSmith Packaging comes in. Since we do not sell, broker or manufacture packaging, our goal is to provide the best possible packaging solution to our customers.

The current packaging as shown in the image consisted of #275 C-Flute corrugated with two EPS end caps. Upon testing the current packaging to the custom testing protocol, it failed in nearly all of the testing hazards (drop, stacked vibration, vertical compression).

The product was manufactured out of the country and dispersed through a series of distribution centers domestically in the United States. For this reason, the optimized packaging solutions were designed around cubing out the trailers the product ships in to reduce costs. The designs were sampled, tested and then sent out for pricing. This information was put into a financial analysis comparing current to optimized.

Packaging Testing

Upon kicking off the project we discovered that the current packaging was not passing the customer's testing protocol, which consisted of ten 30” drops. The importance of an accurate test cannot be understated. For this reason, we recommended that our customer allow us to ship the product and packaging with our data recording device. This device records all relative hazards such as drop height, drop orientation, vibration frequency, temperature and humidity.

By visiting all stopping points in the supply chain, from the location of manufacturing, 3PLs, railyards and customer distribution centers, we determined how the product is handled and stored. Merging the data recorder information with our observations in the supply chain, we created a custom testing protocol that matched the hazards the product and packaging should expect to see. This gives us the information to provide data-driven recommendations for optimized packaging designs.

If your company is interested in optimizing your current packaging, reach out to BoldtSmith Packaging to schedule a call.

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