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Furniture Packaging Damage Reduction

Packaging Design Challenge

A domestic furniture manufacturer partnered with BoldtSmith Packaging to reduce shipping damage for two product categories without increasing shipping costs.


  • Reduce transit damage
  • Optimize for both LTL and FTL supply chains

BoldtSmith Actions

  1. Complete onsite visit to analyze current packaging designs and packing process
  2. Analyze current damage to determine how and why the damage is occurring
  3. Design optimized packaging solutions, samples and specifications
  4. Complete transit testing at a testing lab, line trials and ship tests
  5. Build financial analysis comparing current packaging to optimized
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Reducing Costs!

BoldtSmith's package optimization services can help companies save money by reducing product damage, minimizing the need for costly replacements and returns.

  • 10% reductionIn packaging material costs

  • Damage reducedFrom 6% to 0.5% (1/2 percent)!

  • No increaseIn overall shipping costs

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