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Work Gloves – Costco Packaging Design

Packaging Design Challenge

The customer was launching work gloves into Costco and needed multiple structural packaging designs to identify the best possible packaging solution.


  • Showcase functionality & usability in-store
  • Determine best design for maximum ROI

BoldtSmith Actions

  1. Benchmark packaging from competitors to determine what is working and what is not.
  2. Design multiple packaging options, create samples and present the options to the customer
  3. Create packaging specifications for the selected concepts and complete pallet patterns and request pricing on the packaging
  4. Complete financial analysis comparing the multiple packaging options to determine which option is best suited for the customer
  5. Present all packaging options to the customer along with supporting financial data so they can make a selection on the packaging design best suited to their goals
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Optimized packaging solutions

Multiple packaging designs and samples were presented along with the financial data associated with material, labor and shipping costs.

  • Multiple designsFor shelf sale and hanging sale

  • High qualityAt a low cost

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