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Reduced Corrugated Packaging Costs

Packaging Design Challenge

A large produce distributor wanted to determine if their current corrugated master cartons were utilizing the correct material strength. The evaluation, design, testing and implementation timeline was 8 weeks across 6 plants.


  • Optimize package design to reduce material, labor & freight costs
  • Standardize packaging across 6 packing plants

BoldtSmith Actions

  1. Complete onsite visits to all 6 domestic packing facilities
  2. Transit test current packaging
  3. Design optimized packaging engineering design, samples and specifications
  4. Build financial analysis comparing current packaging to optimized
  5. Complete transit testing at a testing lab, line trials and ship tests
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Huge Annual Savings!

Package optimization can save millions in material, labor & freight costs. How much is inefficient packaging costing you?

  • $6,000,000+Annual cost savings

  • Standardized packing across 6 plants

  • Minimized product transit damage

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