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Drop-in Anchor Packaging Design

Many projects we work on at BoldtSmith Packaging are related to reducing costs and product damage for current products. These packaging optimizations provide a substantial return on investments for our customers.

Some customers however reach out looking for packaging designs for new product introductions. Confast Fastening Systems recently reached out to BoldtSmith Packaging looking for this exact scenario. The company sells concrete fastener components such as anchors and bits online. Sales are completed directly through their website and through e-commerce partners such as Amazon.

The new product is manufactured overseas and the customer did not want to wait on the product manufacturer to design and test the packaging. That process typically drags on for months due to poorly designed packaging, packaging design revisions, language barriers, shipping time, etc. BoldtSmith Packaging completed the project and the below-listed goals in 15 days.

Project Goals

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Packaging Design Options

Design #1:

The opening price point concept uses the least amount of packaging material and the best freight costs. The setting tool is mixed in with drop-in anchors and doesn’t provide the best customer unloading experience.

Design #2:

The medium price point concept is slightly larger than concept #1 but the setting tool is separated from the drop-in anchors, providing a better customer unloading experience.

Design #3:

The high price point concept is larger than designs #1 and #2 and has a separate compartment for the setting tool. The setting tool can be easily stored and retrieved for future use, offering the best customer unloading experience.

When reviewing the 3 packaging concepts, the containerization files and specifications were created and sent to the product manufacturer. BoldtSmith created a financial analysis comparing all 3 packaging options and provided a data-driven packaging recommendation.

BoldtSmith created samples from these concepts and had them APASS certified with Amazon testing.

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