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Appliances – LTL Damage Reduction

Decreased damage for high end appliances shipping LTL

Client Needs: Customer was looking to decrease damages associated with shipping their appliances through an LTL supply chain.  The product is manufactured overseas and changes to the packaging at the manufacturing location was not possible so an overpack solution needed to be applied domestically. 

Project Plan:

  • Identify how and why the damage is occurring during LTL shipping
  • Determine an optimized overpack solution that can be applied domestically
  • Create custom testing protocol and supply chain map to match the hazards that will occur for LTL shipping
  • Complete testing to worse case LTL handling scenario’s
  • Create financial analysis comparing current packaging and damage costs to the optimized packaging solution
  • Complete onsite training at the domestic distribution center on how to pack the product with the new packaging design

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