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Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging Design

Packaging Design Challenge

A large toy manufacturer wanted their packaging to be categorized as Amazon Frustration-Free. Frustration-free package designs do not use excess materials and must be recyclable. BoldtSmith Packaging was engaged to create frustration-free packaging designs for over 300 SKUs.


  • Pass Amazon's SIOC FFP certification
  • Ship more packages per pallet

BoldtSmith Actions

  1. Analyzed and documented existing packaging for all 300+ SKUs
  2. Created frustration-free packaging designs, samples and specifications
  3. Completed Amazon required transit testing for all designs
  4. Sent packaging samples and specifications to manufacturers for quoting
  5. Reviewed packaging samples from the product manufacturers to ensure they match our designs

Annual Savings

In the following areas:

  • 36% average increaseIn packages per pallet

  • 33% average reductionIn package size

  • 1,944 more packagesPer ocean container on average

Design SamplesSee the gallery!

Optimized Package Statistics:

  • 33% average reduction In package size from current packaging to optimized FFP
  • 36% average increase In packages per pallet
  • 1,944 more packages Per ocean container on average

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