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Custom Transit Testing

The innovative transit testing that BoldtSmith Packaging uses gives our engineers definitive evidence of the way a package is handled as it goes through the supply chain. Using a data recording device, we record the hazards that occur during shipping such as:

  • Drop height
  • Orientation
  • Number of drops
  • Vibration frequencies
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

This data gives us the necessary information to create a custom hazard tolerance protocol that matches your specific supply chain. We use this tolerance protocol to design optimized packaging solutions and test them. This process indicates whether the package design will be successful during production.

Shipping Fragile Items

The data recording device provides a true look into how your packaging and product are actually handled during shipping. With a clear picture of package handling during transit, packaging engineers create the most protective packaging design using less material. The result is lower costs related to product damage and packaging material.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We visit all stopping points throughout our customer’s supply chain to observe how the products are handled and stored. During transportation, we use data recording devices to record the hazards that occur. These two data points give us the information to create a custom testing protocol that matches the hazards that occur in the supply chain.

This is the advantage of creating a custom testing protocol that matches the hazards in your specific supply chain.