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Custom Transit Damage Testing

Reduce Product Transit Damage

BoldtSmith Packaging offers a wide variety of custom transit services to determine and record hazards during the shipping process. We visit all stopping points and use this data to create a custom hazard tolerance protocol that matches your specific supply chain. Data recording devices allow us a true look into internal and external conditions to determine how a package is specifically handled. We use this tolerance protocol to design optimized packaging solutions and test them. This process indicates whether the package design will be successful during production.

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Shipping Fragile Items

Industries like furniture and food & beverage production face heavy costs related to transit damage. The data recording device provides a true look into how your packaging and product are actually handled during shipping. With a clear picture of package handling during transit, packaging engineers create the most protective packaging design using less material. The result is lower costs related to product damage and packaging material.

Case study: Furniture damage reduced from 6% to 0.5% with a 10% reduction in packaging material costs.

What is Transit Testing?

Transit or packaging testing gives retailers and manufacturers information that anticipates how products will perform during the shipping process. Now more than ever, durable packaging is needed to keep up with international and domestic demand. Lighter materials, less packaging and material substitutions could mean fewer expenses but this can’t come at the cost of damaged goods. With renewed sustainability efforts, customers expect to receive their products intact, with as little packaging as possible.

What is Examined During Transit Testing?

Transit testing gives our engineers valuable data to make a custom transit protocol sustainable for specific supply chains. Understanding which factors are detrimental to packaging allows for more efficient package design. This means higher customer satisfaction, reduced costs in package design or replacing damaged goods, environmentally friendly materials and a better brand image. The innovative transit testing that BoldtSmith Packaging uses gives our engineers definitive evidence of the way a package is handled as it goes through the supply chain. Using a data recording device, we record the hazards that occur during shipping such as:

  • Drop height -Packages are often dropped during transit and packaging must be designed with this in mind. A drop test simulates the freefall of a package. Corners, edges and surfaces are then examined. An informative drop test fills a package at varying weights, at different heights. It’s important to simulate real-life scenarios and create packaging with this data in mind.
  • Orientation - Orientation is helpful to manufacturers and for the design of a package. This information is useful for securing the proper handling of goods and preventing damage.
  • Number of drops - Knowing the average number a package is dropped before you begin to see damage is useful for package design. Packaging must be durable while avoiding the unnecessary use of material. Customers care how their goods are packaged and manufacturers want to make cost-effective packages. 
  • Vibration frequencies - This data is imperative for exterior and interior purposes. A customer may receive their package intact only to find the product inside is damaged. There is no warning for vibration damage until a package is opened. This scenario requires time and money from the manufacturer who must now start the shipping process over.
  • Temperature - Packages go through several hot and cold environments during transit. Temperature can affect the durability of the package. Steps should be taken to ensure a package is not under or over designed to meet average temperatures. 
  • Humidity - Packages are exposed to many different weather conditions and often different climates during international shipping. Making sure a package is suitable against high temperatures and rain is important for preventing moisture damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how the package is being damaged must be factored into why a package is damaged. We visit all stopping points throughout our customer’s supply chain to observe how the products are handled and stored. During transportation, we use data recording devices to record the hazards that occur. These two data points give us the information to create a custom testing protocol that matches the hazards that occur in the supply chain.

This is the advantage of creating a custom testing protocol that matches the hazards in your specific supply chain.

Efficient packaging must take into account mechanical strength, gas permeability, chemical stability and sealing ability. There are specific environmental factors to take into consideration for each category.

Custom transit testing provides data to improve package structure and reduce the chances of damaged goods. This is invaluable for cost and environmental purposes.


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