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Packaging Design Engineering

BoldtSmith Packaging offers a wide variety of packaging design services handling all product and packaging types.  Our internal CNC machine that is custom made for cutting packaging samples allows us to create packaging designs and samples internally.  Our customer then owns those packaging specifications and can purchase them from whichever supplier they choose.  Our packaging designers have designed retail, e-commerce, industrial, food and military packaging.

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Utilizing in-house sample-making machines, we are able to create packaging designs and samples internally. This includes corrugated, paperboard, foam, clamshells, films, etc. We also have a woodshop for creating wooden crates and pallets. With this service, we do not have to rely on packaging manufacturers to create packaging samples. You get your packaging samples faster and designed exactly as specified by our packaging engineers.

BoldtSmith in-house packaging engineers specialize in creating corrugated and paperboard designs. This resource allows us to create corrugated and paperboard designs and samples internally. Packaging types for corrugated and paperboard range from retail packaging to displays and master cartons.

Products shipping through challenging supply chains such as LTL require packaging solutions designed to provide adequate protection. This can be in the form of wooden pallets and crates used for expendable solutions or metal crates used for returnable systems. Utilizing design software, we create 3D renderings of pallets and crates. Then we create specifications to bid out through packaging manufacturers.

Fragile products require specialized packaging solutions whether you are shipping knockdown furniture or a microwave. The packaging must be designed with an understanding of how the product and packaging will be handled during shipping. Exploring all protective packaging materials is a critical step in exploring optimized protective packaging designs. Common materials include foam, honeycomb, molded pulp, etc.

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Additional Packaging Design Services

Learn why top name brands rely on BoldtSmith’s team of in-house packaging experts to provide optimization specifications. Call us at 262-203-9522 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

A packaging supplier’s goal is to sell the material they manufacture. Our goal is to design the best possible solution while exploring all packaging materials.

Yes, we can leverage a customer’s current packaging suppliers to design and sample crates.