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Packaging Optimization

Cut Down on Shipping Costs & Maximize Efficiency

BoldtSmith provides one of the best ways to cut down on shipping costs and maximize your shipping efficiency: Package optimization. In the packaging optimization process, packaging engineers design a package that balances the costs associated with product damage with material, freight and labor costs. Packaging optimization begins with identifying product damage and cost reduction opportunities. Designing and implementing optimized packaging for transportation is a data-driven process that requires balancing key measurable variables.

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Case study: $6,000,000+ annual cost savings with optimized corrugated packaging.

3X ROI Goal

Our commitment to providing a minimum 3x return on investment to our customers is at the core of our business philosophy. We strive to achieve this by combining rigorous analysis, innovative solutions, prudent cost management, risk mitigation, continuous improvement and a client-centric approach. With our unwavering dedication to these principles, we exceed our customers' expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Optimized Packaging Comes With Many Benefits


BoldtSmith Packaging uses a data-driven approach to reduce packaging costs. We carefully analyze your current packaging, freight and labor costs and use the data to determine places where you can save money. There are countless different types of packaging materials and methods for all types of product shapes and designs. We increase shipping efficiency and minimize your costs in the process.

Optimized packaging reduces shipping damages. We analyze how the shipping process affects your individual products and costs you money every year. BoldtSmith targets these areas to reduce both damages and costs of unnecessary packaging.

Inefficient packaging leads to excessive materials usage and waste, but by adopting eco-friendly, recyclable materials and right-sizing packaging, businesses can enhance sustainability and attract eco-conscious consumers. Efficient packaging not only reduces shipping costs but also optimizes warehouse space, lowering warehousing expenses and enhancing operational efficiency.

Packaging optimization offers ongoing cost savings by reducing shipping, material, storage, and replacement expenses, contributing to sustained profitability and competitive advantage.

Packaging optimization plays a pivotal role in reducing shipping expenses for businesses. By designing packaging that is not only appropriately sized but also lightweight and efficient, companies can significantly cut down on shipping costs. Smaller and more compact packages require less space, allowing for more products to be shipped in a single load.

Save money with BoldtSmith's packaging optimization services

Packaging Optimization Process



  • Complete onsite visit to review current packaging
  • Map supply chain
  • Create financial analysis of current packaging
  • Determine packaging design requirements and constraints


  • Design brainstorm
  • Develop optimized packaging designs
  • Create packaging samples and specifications


  • Complete transit testing
  • Manage onsite line trials
  • Perform ship tests


  • Build financial analysis comparing current packaging to optimized
  • Recommend the optimized packaging solution


  • Create assembly instructions
  • Complete onsite training

Additional Packaging Design Services

Learn why top name brands rely on BoldtSmith’s team of in-house packaging experts to provide optimization specifications. Call us at 262-203-9522 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Packaging optimization is designing a package that balances the costs associated with product damage and packaging material, freight and labor costs.

Our goal is to provide a minimum of a 3x return on investment to our customer from our project cost.

BoldtSmith Packaging will complete an onsite visit to your manufacturing location or distribution center to review the current packaging methods. We will then provide a review of the potential for damage reduction and packaging material, freight and labor cost reduction.

Absolutely not. Your product’s safety is our number one priority. We only cut back on unnecessary packaging and reduce costs by using the most efficient materials.

No. We are completely unbiased because we only provide you with package optimization plans. We do not sell packaging material and are only interested in saving you money with the best shipping optimization solutions.

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