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Packaging Optimization

In the packaging optimization process, packaging engineers design a package that balances the costs associated with product damage with packaging material, freight and labor costs. Packaging optimization begins with identifying product damage and cost reduction opportunities. Designing and implementing optimized packaging for transportation is a data-driven process that requires balancing key measurable variables.

BoldtSmith Packaging uses a data-driven approach to reducing packaging costs. We create a financial analysis of your current packaging, capturing key variables such as material, freight and labor costs. This gives us the data to determine what opportunity exists to reduce costs. If your annual packaging spend is $2 million and our optimized packaging designs reduce your costs by 30%, that is $600,000 in cost savings! There is a huge variety of packaging materials and endless packaging designs, is your current packaging the best it could possibly be?

We will find out what your product damage is costing you annually and create an optimized product package design balancing damage costs with packaging costs. To do this, we gather the hard and soft costs associated with your product damage. Hard costs include product, freight and labor costs associated with re-shipping product due to damage. Soft costs include unsatisfied customers that result in loss of sales, poor online reviews, etc. Utilizing your true cost of product damage, we then create multiple packaging designs that will drive down your product shipping damage while balancing packaging material, freight and labor costs.

Maximizing your freight shipping efficiency with optimized packaging designs results in higher margins and increased customer satisfaction. Is your current packaging designed to maximize the number of products per pallet and the number of pallets per truck? An optimized packaging solution uses the pallet size as a fixed variable. Our industry experts review the number of products that fit on a pallet and the number of pallets that fit on a specific truck or ocean container. Your optimized product package design will reduce secondary packaging and tertiary packaging costs.

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Packaging Optimization Process



  • Complete onsite visit to review current packaging
  • Map supply chain
  • Create financial analysis of current packaging
  • Determine packaging design requirements and constraints


  • Design brainstorm
  • Develop optimized packaging designs
  • Create packaging samples and specifications


  • Complete transit testing
  • Manage onsite line trials
  • Perform ship tests


  • Build financial analysis comparing current packaging to optimized
  • Recommend the optimized packaging solution


  • Create assembly instructions
  • Complete onsite training

Additional Packaging Design Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Packaging optimization is designing a package that balances the costs associated with product damage and packaging material, freight and labor costs.

Our goal is to provide a minimum of a 3x return on investment to our customer from our project cost.

BoldtSmith Packaging will complete an onsite visit to your manufacturing location or distribution center to review the current packaging methods. We will then provide a review of the potential for damage reduction and packaging material, freight and labor cost reduction.