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Graphic Design & Brand Identity

Successful new product introductions begin with clear messaging and a beautiful, functional design. New product designs must attract, engage and inform the customer from the start to encourage repeat sales. BoldtSmith’s collaborative team is here to support your ongoing needs in the highly competitive retail environment. From a one-of-a-kind logo design to a full line of package design graphics and brand identity, we’ve got you covered.

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Graphic branding design includes crafting logos, visuals, websites, and color palettes to elevate your brand's uniqueness. This responsibility is entrusted to a proficient graphic designer with a profound grasp of the market. Your visual identity acts as the pivotal element that empowers your brand to leave an enduring impact in all its interactions with the audience. It's crucial to keep in mind that the graphic design process forms the cornerstone upon which your logo and branding materials are constructed.

In graphic design, branding is about crafting a unique visual identity for a brand. This includes elements like logos, color palettes, fonts, and brand guidelines for consistent use across communication platforms.

Package Graphic Design Matters

Packaging is the first impression and first indication of the quality of a product. The best packaging designs can communicate the value of a product quickly and memorably. First impressions mean everything in a world with unlimited options and quick search results. Customers can easily pass by one product for another.

What kind of a role does packaging play in customers’ decisions? One study found that ⅓ of consumer decision-making is based on packaging alone. Another study found that 94% of first impressions are design related. With statistics like these, the pressure is on.

  • Color: Did you know that color evokes emotion? Blue and green produce calming effects while red spurs action. Research shows that 62% - 90% of people’s assessment and evaluation of a product are based on colors alone.
  • Size: Research shows that larger items attract consumers more due to the perception that the larger the size, the larger the value. Along with the size, shape also plays a role in which product a customer will choose.
  • Design: Effective graphics or the use of icons, logos and designs attract consumers. Logos often take up a large portion of a product and should be designed carefully.
  • Content: After the colors have captured the attention of a consumer, the content becomes the focus. A cluttered layout or confusing fonts deter a consumer’s attention. Clarity and precision are important. The quality of the packaging is also factored in.
  • Innovativeness: Innovative technology that makes the package easy to open, carry or store is appealing to consumers. Package design that reduces the risk of breakage or spillage is highly valued.

These are some of the complex details that go into package design. BoldtSmith product designers can provide a customized product and box packaging design from scratch or breathe a new style into an existing design to boost profitability. Well-engineered, thoughtful packaging design is a long-term investment that affects the longevity of your business. Package design is not only the first impression but also the first step to a more successful business.

Brand Development

Once a customer is attracted to a product, it’s important to retain their attention. With shifting trends and more competitors, brands must prepare and continuously produce with profitability in mind. Earning customer loyalty and recognition is at the forefront of retaining customers. By asking the right questions, BoldtSmith works with you to develop a unique branding profile.

Brand identity is becoming increasingly important to customers. Your brand identity is made up of what your brand says, what it values, how it portrays the product and how the brand makes them feel. Brand identity encompasses the personality of a business while giving a promise to customers. Brand marketing strategies start with recognizable brand designs. Developing your branding is the foundational strategy for establishing a relationship of trust and loyalty between consumers and your product. By asking the right questions, BoldtSmith works with you to develop a unique branding profile. Brand development strategies promote positive communication that can be extended across lines of products, POS displays and shipping materials.

It can be difficult to pinpoint and portray exactly what you want your brand to say. For example, when Johnsonville Sausage hired us for a new product launch, we created over two-hundred retail package options. Each one was carefully reviewed, researched and evaluated to find the best customer response.

We’ll help you set a uniform standard and provide a Style Guide for the visual elements that mark your individual product: logo, colors, fonts, sizing, etc. Brand design guidelines ensure that all materials present a consistent and recognizable image of your brand to stay connected with your target audience.

Sausage package design for Johnsonville

Additional Packaging Design Services

Learn why top name brands rely on BoldtSmith’s team of in-house packaging experts to provide optimization specifications. Call us at 262-203-9522 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

More than 70% of purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase. Products have little time to capture their audience, making the design very important.

Yes. Well-packaged products are directly linked to how the consumer perceived the product. A tacky or attractive product design does not convince the consumer that the product is valuable.

Yes. Products are easily skipped over if they don’t grab the customer’s attention or have a strong brand identity.

A strong brand identity factors in the company’s name, logo, design, style and tone. The audience must be accounted for in these principles to reach the right targets. BoldtSmith can help you create a unique and profitable brand identity.

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