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E-Commerce & LTL Packaging Design

Certified SIOC Packaging

BoldtSmith Packaging offers a wide range of optimized e-commerce packaging solutions for any globally sourced product. Packages shipped through an e-commerce or LTL supply chain face the most wear and tear. Packages with ineffective design are bound to face damage due to the nature of the industry. E-commerce and LTL packages go through high amounts of manual handling and should be designed with this in mind.

While generic testing protocols exist, it’s more valuable to know the specifics of what a package may face. Our preference is to utilize our custom testing protocol process to identify real-world transit hazards and design packaging unique to your product. Optimized e-commerce packaging can lower dimensional weight for small parcel carrier services and reduce annual e-commerce damage costs.

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Case study: Amazon frustration-free packaging (FFP).

What is Optimal E-Commerce & LTL Packaging

The best way to create optimal packaging solutions for e-commerce and LTL packaging is to utilize custom testing. Our custom protocol studies the environment a package will go through, start to finish. By visiting each stopping point, we determine the specific conditions your package will endure. This allows for a unique design process that ultimately saves money. Over-packaging dissatisfies customers and costs more, while under-packaging creates a high risk of damage. Our goal is to create a cost-effective design that dismisses both issues. We never jeopardize style.

Our Custom Transit Testing Examines:

  • Drop height
  • Orientation
  • Number of drops
  • Vibration frequencies
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Amazon APass Certified

Amazon Packing Supplier and Supplier Network (APASS), is a network of companies that are certified to help e-commerce sellers ensure their packaging strategy meets the required guidelines. We have a significant amount of experience designing, testing and implementing PFP, SIOC and FFP solutions. Amazon has strict guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction and damage-free products. We’ll walk you through the process with optimized packaging designs.

BoldtSmith worked with a large toy manufacturer that wanted their packaging categorized as Amazon Frustration-Free. We got them a packaging design that was recyclable and reduced excess material use for over 300 SKUs.

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Benefits of Custom E-Commerce and LTL Package Design


Knowing the specific shipping process of an item allows the prioritization of key aspects. The goal is to use as little material as possible from an eco-friendly standpoint, while not sacrificing durability. Custom packaging ensures resistance to your unique environmental factors, while only using necessary materials. The outcome is happier customers, a better brand reputation, eco-friendly packaging and lower dimensional weight.

In this industry, space is money. Lowering the dimensional weight through optimized packaging allows packages to be more conducive to parcel carrier services.

Did you know that replacing a damaged product can cost an e-commerce business up to 17 times more than the original cost of shipping it? Continuously damaged packages hurt an e-commerce business more than you think. It’s important for a business to ensure products will reach their destination, without damage, 100% of the time to retain the customer base.

Receiving damaged goods is not only frustrating for a customer but detrimental to a business. Brand reputation is increasingly important in a world with so many options. Custom transit testing gets to the root of the issue to prevent future occurrences. Optimized e-commerce and LTL packaging ensure lower damage costs and will benefit your revenue.

Optimized e-commerce and LTL package design take a prevention-first approach. There are several ways a package can be damaged but finding the issue is the most valuable approach. Find the flaws in the current system to save time and money now, instead of incurring future costs. Our customized testing protocol ensures packages have a successful route ahead before they’re shipped.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Engage BoldtSmith Packaging for us to complete an onsite visit to your location and review the current packaging methods and damage data.

Amazon has levels of varying levels of certification, we will create a packaging design that best fits your business and supply chain.

We will create multiple solutions and a financial analysis that gives us the data to make an informed recommendation on what the best packaging scenario is.

Frustration free is specifically designed for e-commerce and provides adequate protection while remaining easy to open for the customer. BoldtSmith can help you with your frustration-free packaging solutions.

Retail packages are typically sent in palettes with tens, hundreds or thousands of units. E-commerce packages may be sent individually through a parcel carrier service. Each requires different designs for package optimization and cost reduction.

Yes! Not only do we help your items get to their destination damage-free, we help them to do so in style. BoldtSmith offers graphic and brand design services.

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