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E-Commerce & LTL Packaging Design

Shipping products through an e-commerce or LTL supply chain are the most difficult supply chains to ship through without product damage.  The hazards that occur in small parcel and LTL shipping have a higher likelihood of damaging products due to the nature of manual handling. BoldtSmith packaging engineers create optimized e-commerce packaging solutions for any globally sourced products.

Generic testing protocols exist that somewhat represent what actually happens during shipping. Our preference is to utilize our custom testing protocol process to identify real-world transit hazards and design packaging unique to your product. Optimized e-commerce packaging can lower dimensional weight for small parcel carrier services and reduce annual e-commerce damage costs.

Amazon APass Certified

We are Amazon APass Certified and have a significant amount of experience designing, testing and implementing PFP, SIOC and FFP solutions. The world of Amazon has strict packaging requirements to ensure customers receive damage-free products. We navigate our customers through the Amazon process with optimized packaging designs.

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Additional Packaging Design Services

Learn why top name brands rely on BoldtSmith’s team of in-house packaging experts to provide optimization specifications. Call us at 262-203-9522 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engage BoldtSmith Packaging for us to complete an onsite visit to your location and review the current packaging methods and damage data.

Amazon has levels of varying levels of certification, we will create a packaging design that best fits your business and supply chain.

We will create multiple solutions and a financial analysis that gives us the data to make an informed recommendation on what the best packaging scenario is.