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Industrial packaging matters. Often products are large, expensive, sensitive to vibration and must maintain their orientation throughout transit. BoldtSmith creates customized industrial shipping and packaging solutions for a wide range of industrial products, designed to survive less than truckload (LTL) and overseas shipments.

Packaging for heavy machinery, energy and power equipment, construction materials and large medical devices are all examples of the custom and cost-effective packaging solutions our highly-skilled engineers have developed.

Packaging for heavy machinery, energy and power equipment, construction materials and large medical devices are all examples of the kinds of solutions our highly-skilled engineers have developed. 

Industrial packaging solutions and shipping optimization

We deliver the right balance of protection and practicality within our custom solutions. Companies that ship industrial products deal with unique challenges that require a certain level of expertise and skill. Here’s how BoldtSmith can help:

Protect heavy and bulky items

Industrial equipment and machinery are often substantial in weight and size leading to an increased risk of shipping damage. Custom packaging solutions need to be robust enough to withstand the rigors of transportation without being excessively bulky or expensive. We find the right balance between protection and practicality with your ROI in mind.

Securing odd-shaped objects

Many industrial shipments have unconventional shapes and heavy items that can be difficult to fit into standard boxes or shipping containers. We look at various solutions such as custom wood crates or specialized dunnage that may be required to prevent shifting and damage during transport.

Corrosion and weather protection

Industrial products are often exposed to harsh elements during shipping, such as moisture and extreme temperatures. The packaging process must consider shipping and packaging materials that are resistant to things like corrosion and weather damage to ensure the product arrives in working condition.

Multiple modes of transport

An industrial product may travel by truck, ship, train or even air freight throughout its journey. Our data-driven solutions are designed to withstand all varying stresses associated with each mode of transport so you can make the right choice for shipping.

Cost efficiency for large shipments

Large-scale industrial equipment can be expensive to move. We can find cost-effective shipping solutions that won’t compromise on product protection while meeting necessary packaging requirements. Things like reusable packaging or optimized packaging size can make a significant impact and lead to increased sustainability.

Environmental impact

By adopting sustainable packaging solutions, industrial companies can reduce their carbon footprint, minimize waste, and enhance their reputation as socially responsible organizations, all while potentially lowering costs and improving operational efficiency. Promoting a circular economy, industrial businesses can’t just create eco-friendly packaging solutions. They need a NET GREEN ™  approach, BoldtSmith’s solution for a broader sustainability focus. 

Case study

Reducing damage during LTL shipping for a large equipment manufacturer

A leading swimming pool heat pump manufacturer was suffering damage to their pool heater due to their LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipping...
Pool pump

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Every operations team must develop custom solutions to meet their yearly business goals. The industrial packaging industry can create a lot of confusion and complication when trying to optimize the shipping and packaging of your products. That’s where we come in. Leave it to us to find solutions to your packaging costs, market requirements, customer satisfaction, and more.