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Package Engineering Staffing

If your company is debating on whether to hire a full-time packaging engineer or a 3rd party consultant, BoldtSmith Packaging can assist with both! Both options can make sense in certain scenarios. We will offer our recommendation based on what best fits your company.

Our network of packaging engineers allows us to place the ideal on-site full-time packaging engineer at your headquarters or manufacturing plant. Food, beverage, CPG, e-commerce, furniture and military are just a few of the industries we place highly qualified engineers with.

Package Engineer Staffing

Your onsite packaging professional can then be supported by our design team located in Wisconsin. Our headquarters is equipped with a high-speed CNC machine specifically made for packaging, allowing us to work with your onsite packaging engineer to deliver packaging designs and sampling. No other recruiting company offers this!

All packaging engineers in our network have been vetted by BoldtSmith packaging experts to provide the highest level of performance based on your specific packaging needs.

When you engage BoldtSmith Packaging on a project, you are receiving the support of our entire team. There will be one main point of contact for your project but our whole team is at your disposal, providing assistance in specific areas of packaging as needed.

Our CNC package sample making machine allows us to create packaging designs and samples internally. No staffing company offers this service.

The 9-5 Monday to Friday schedule does not apply at BoldtSmith Packaging. Our contractors work as needed to complete your projects on time as requested.

Package Design Consultants - Package Engineer

Additional Packaging Design Services

Learn why top name brands rely on BoldtSmith’s team of in-house packaging experts to provide optimization specifications. Call us at 262-203-9522 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some situations make financial sense to hire a full-time packaging engineer and others a consultant. We will analyze your current packaging needs and give a recommendation as to which route is best for your needs.

Absolutely! This is a great scenario that makes sense to have a packaging consultant on a retainer contract.