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Types of Packaging Materials

In the world of consumer goods, packaging plays a crucial role in protecting and preserving the quality of products. It also serves as a means of marketing and identifying a brand. With the increasing demand for consumer goods, the packaging industry has evolved and now offers a wide range of materials to choose from.

BoldtSmith Packaging Engineering Saves You Money

The BoldtSmith Packaging team has an extensive background in working with every possible packaging material to minimize your material, labor and freight costs. Since we don't mass produce packaging ourselves, our packaging optimization process is material-agnostic. Our only incentive is to save you money.

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Clients We Have Served

Proud packaging colsutant of EZGO
EATON's reliable packaging consultant
Essity consultant for all packing needs
Fiskars packaging consultants who reduce shipping costs
Optimized shipping services for Fresh Express
Integirty's first choice for packaging consultants
Packaging consultants for John Deere
Ecommerce packaging services for Johnsonville
Kohlers #1 pick for LTL shipping
Reduced Kraft's shipping costs & damage rates
Cost-effective packaging consultants for LG
Reliable packaging consultant at Melissa & Doug
Effective designs for Orbit's packaging needs
Optimization experts for Ryder's packaging services
Packaging consultants at Kraft
Smart Tech's choice for packaging consultants
Package engineering used by Steelcase

Clients We Have Served

Proud clients of BoldtSmith