Military solutions

Rugged and reliable military solutions

Military packaging design requires specific knowledge and expertise. The standards and specs required for the materials, designs and testing requirements must be followed with documented precision.

BoldtSmith military industry solutions are built for durability. They are designed to withstand extreme conditions and hostilities, and will ensure the contents of the package won’t degrade throughout shipping and storage.

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Military packaging & shipping

We deliver the right balance of durability and precision.

There is a unique set of challenges that come with shipping and packaging military products and materials. Here are some of the biggest hurdles we’ve overcome in this complex logistical process:

Stringent regulations

Military shipments are subject to a multitude of national and international regulations governing the movement of hazardous materials, weapons, and controlled goods. Ensuring proper documentation, compliance with export controls, and adherence to various customs clearance procedures adds complexity to the shipping process.

Diverse cargo

Military shipments can encompass a vast array of items, from large vehicles and weaponry to medical supplies and rations. BoldtSmith engineers will adapt packaging and shipment configurations to accommodate this diverse cargo and ensure safe delivery.

Storage and delivery to harsh environments

Shipping to potentially remote or warzone destinations presents a logistical challenge in and of itself. BoldtSmith will create custom solutions that stand up to whatever conditions and hazards your shipment may face upon arrival and along the way.

Cost optimization

Military budgets are often tight, so there’s a constant pressure to optimize shipping costs without compromising on compliance, security or performance. BoldtSmith can help with everything from identifying the most effective materials to designing for maximum container utilization.

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