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Wisconsin packaging design servicesBoldtSmith provides custom product packaging solutions to companies throughout Wisconsin, including the areas of Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay. Companies often use extra or sub-optimal packaging for their products, sometimes costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they don’t even know it! BoldtSmith will analyze your product size, potential damages, and package designs to give you the best packaging solution for your product. There are countless designs and materials out there that can lower your packaging costs drastically.

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What Factors Affect Your Package Design?


The packaging should be consistent with your brand identity and communicate the brand message effectively. This includes using the appropriate colors, fonts, and graphics that align with your brand.

Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial in designing packaging that resonates with them. The packaging should appeal to the target audience's preferences, needs, and values.


The packaging should be designed to protect the product during transportation and storage. It should also be easy to open and use.


Consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious, and as such, the packaging design should take into consideration the environmental impact. Using eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste can improve the packaging's sustainability.

Legal Compliance

The packaging design should comply with legal requirements such as labeling, safety, and health regulations.

We Offer Bias-free Package Consultant Services in Wisconsin

Every consultation is guaranteed to be bias-free because BoldtSmith doesn’t have a stake in what type of material you use for packaging. We simply analyze and design custom packaging for small businesses with a mind toward efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our services include:

Creating Effective Packaging Design

Developing effective package design requires a careful analysis of the factors above, budgetary & timeline constraints and the competitive landscape. BoldtSmith Packaging achieves this by following a time-tested process outlined below.

Research and Analysis

This include conducting market research to gain an understanding of the desired audience, current industry trends, and competitor evaluation.

Concept Development

We develop concepts that reflect the brand identity, intended audience, and product qualities based on the study results.


We build a prototype after finalizing a concept to test its efficiency, visual appeal, and resilience. At this stage, you'll be able to put your hands on your real product packaging and make any adjustments you see fit.

Testing and Evaluation

The prototype is then tested with the intended audience to determine its efficacy and make necessary changes. BoldtSmith can test for transit damage, customer reception and overall materials & handling costs.

Final Design and Production

Once the design is finalized, it is ready for production. Your packaging designs belong to you alone, so you can take them to any manufacturer to find the lowest bid. Because we don't mass produce packaging ourselves, our designs consider every material available to create the most optimized package design for your product.

We Proudly Serve Wisconsin Packaging Industries

We are strictly a package consulting company and only provide package designs. We do not have an incentive to sell you the most expensive packaging like other companies because we do not sell the packages themselves. We offer bias-free package consulting services, including:

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Package Design Consultants - Transit Testing
Manufacturing Assembly Lines
Package Design Consultants - Foodbeverage
Food & Beverage
Package Design Consultants - Ecommerce
Package Design Consultants - Industrial
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