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Packaging optimization New YorkAcross New York, from Buffalo to NYC and Upstate, major industries rely on BoldSmith’s tried and true product packaging solutions. As a package consultant agency, we save our clients big money by designing optimized packaging and custom packaging solutions. We dive deep into all facets of your product to create packaging that improves efficiency and price point.

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Importance of Optimized Packaging Design

Packaging design plays a crucial role in the success of any product. It is the first thing that customers see and can heavily influence their purchasing decision. A well-designed package can make your product stand out on the shelf and attract potential customers, while a poorly designed package can turn customers away. It is critical to invest in packaging design that not only looks attractive but also meets practical requirements.

Bias-free Package Consultant Services in New York

At BoldtSmith, we pride ourselves on our unbiased approach to custom packaging for small businesses in New York – we don’t sell the packaging material itself, so we do not have a stake in who you buy from. We just come up with the best, most cost-effective engineering for it. Our services include:

Our Package Design Process

At BoldtSmith Packaging Consultants, we have a structured process that we follow to ensure that we create the best packaging design for your product. Our packaging design process includes the following steps:

Consultation & supply line analysis

We start by consulting with you to understand your product and packaging needs. We listen to your ideas, concerns and any specific requirements you may have. Our engineers visit every point of your product's supply chain and, if needed, conduct transit testing using our custom testing protocol.

Researching the competitive landscape

After understanding your needs, we conduct thorough research to analyze your competitors' packaging designs and identify market trends. This step helps us to create a unique and effective packaging design that stands out from the crowd. New product branding is  carefully evaluated for best consumer response.

Concept development

Once we have completed our research, we begin developing packaging concepts that meet your needs and reflect your brand's identity. We present these concepts to you for feedback and make any necessary adjustments based on your input.


After finalizing the design, we create a prototype of your package, allowing you to see a realistic representation and make necessary changes. With our in-house sample capabilities, you can make alterations before seeking manufacturer bids, saving you valuable time and resources.

Final Design

After we have finalized the packaging concept, we create the final design and work with you to ensure that it meets your expectations. Your optimized package design belongs solely to you. Since we don't mass produce packaging ourselves, we do not favor certain materials or designs that make us more money. Our only concern is providing maximum ROI for your business.

We Proudly Serve New York Packaging Industries

BoldtSmith has served all of New York’s major industries, including retail, agriculture, and healthcare. Our work drastically reduces costs associated with packaging and shipping, and we saved a single client more than $6,000,000 over one year. We serve a variety of industries, including:

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Package Design Consultants - Transit Testing
Manufacturing Assembly Lines
Package Design Consultants - Foodbeverage
Food & Beverage
Package Design Consultants - Ecommerce
Package Design Consultants - Industrial
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Consumer Packaged Goods
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