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Illinois packaging design servicesBoldtSmith, a proud product packaging company, proudly serves industries across the state of Illinois. Our custom packaging solutions save clients millions of dollars in shipping expenses. We optimize packaging to create efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Importance of Packaging Optimization and Package Design

Attract and Retain Customers

Through the use of well-designed and sturdy packaging, businesses can reduce the likelihood of receiving unwanted returns and refunds, while simultaneously capturing the attention of potential customers and reinforcing brand loyalty.

Reduce Costs

By identifying the most effective and cost-efficient packaging options, businesses can save on materials, shipping, and storage expenses.

Build Stronger Relationships with Customers

Effective packaging also has the potential to improve customer relationships. When customers receive a product in an aesthetically pleasing and secure package, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their purchase and remain loyal to the brand.

Working with Packaging Consultants

Working with a packaging consultant can be an effective way to ensure optimal packaging solutions. Drawing from our extensive experience and industry knowledge, BoldtSmith Packaging Consultants can offer valuable insights and advice to help businesses achieve the best possible packaging outcomes.

Bias-free Package Consultant Services in Illinois

BoldtSmith’s approach to a product packaging solution is, by nature, unbiased. That’s because we don’t sell the packaging material itself – we only design it, and we’re experts at crafting outstanding results that save our clients serious money from Rockford to Chicago, Peoria to Springfield, and beyond. From custom packaging for a small business to graphic design for a major manufacturer, our lines of services include:

The Package Design Workflow

1. Research and Analysis

We begin by analyzing your target audience's preferences and purchasing behavior. We work with you to understand your product's unique selling proposition before creating a design that captures its spirit.

2. Materials Evaluation

We believe that the material should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also durable and affordable. By using sustainable materials, you can reduce your environmental impact and appeal to consumers who prioritize sustainability.

3. Graphic Design

The realm of package design encompasses not only its functional aspects but also the more subtle ones, such as typography and graphic design. Our team of specialists possesses the capability to conceive visually stunning designs that effectively communicate your company's message. Our ethos is founded on the idea that typography and graphic design should complement each other and align with the overall identity of your organization.

4. Testing

Does packaging protect the product during transportation? Is it easy to open and close? These are just some of the questions we consider when creating a package design. By ensuring that the packaging is functional, you can avoid costly damages and returns and improve the customer experience. We ensure that your packaging satisfies all legal criteria, including labeling, safety, and environmental standards. You can prevent legal complications and improve the reputation of your brand by doing so.

5. Bidding

All BoldtSmith Packaging designs belong to our clients. You are then free to shop around with manufacturers to find the lowest bid. Unlike other packaging optimization companies, we don't mass product packaging ourselves. Our only incentive is providing maximum ROI for your business.

We Proudly Serve Illinois Packaging Industries

BoldtSmith serves all of Illinois’s major industries, including retail, agriculture, and manufacturing. Our durable designs slash frivolous packaging and shipping costs – we once saved a client more than $6,000,000 over a single year. BoldtSmith serves a variety of industries, including:

Illinois Military Packaging

Boldtsmith provides comprehensive packaging services tailored specifically for the military, manufacturers, contractors, and OEMs. We conform to all applicable government quality and packaging standards, including:

Illinois Food Packaging

We specialize in premium packaging solutions that serve a dual purpose: safeguarding the freshness and quality of food products while enhancing their visual appeal. Our innovative designs protect items from moisture, light, and air, ensuring they reach consumers in their best state. We prioritize preserving flavors and nutrients, while our packaging also showcases the unique essence of each product. Our packaging is a blend of functionality and artistry, reflecting our commitment to excellence and brand values.

Illinois Industrial Packaging

BoldtSmith specializes in crafting customized industrial packaging solutions tailored for the challenges of shipping large, delicate, and valuable products through complex supply chains. Our packaging engineers excel at creating solutions that ensure product integrity and orientation, even during less than truckload (LTL) and overseas shipments. We collaborate closely with clients to design packaging that safeguards products' form and function throughout their journey, bridging the gap between innovation and logistics.

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