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Packaging Optimization & Design

Optimized packaging designs from BoldtSmith packaging engineers have saved our clients millions of dollars in material, labor and freight costs. Better packaging solutions can result in more product shipped per pallet and better consumer response. 

Perhaps most importantly, BoldtSmith's packaging solutions have enhanced consumer response. The thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing designs not only attract the eye but also communicate a message of quality and care, which resonates with consumers. This leads to increased sales, brand loyalty, and a positive image in the market.

But let's not just take our word for it; the success stories of our clients speak volumes. These are companies that have seen their bottom lines improve, their operations become more efficient, and their products become more appealing to consumers, all thanks to the innovative packaging solutions delivered by BoldtSmith packaging engineers. The results have been nothing short of extraordinary, and we are proud to share their success stories as a testament to the transformative power of optimized packaging designs.

Insight Cart Packaging Design

Create a new, cost-effective design that would provide the most efficient packaging solution for Insight medical carts

Package Design Consultants - Expertise Advantage

Packaging Advantage – Expertise

Analyzing every step in the supply chain with custom testing resulted in a 25% reduction in freight and 46% redution in packaging material costs.

Package Design Consultants - Produce Package

Corrugated Material & Freight Cost Reduction

$6,000,000+ annual cost savings realized from BoldtSmith’s optimized packaging solutions, samples, and specifications.

Package Design Consultants - Labor Material Savings

Corrugated Packaging Cost Reduction

$2,058,306 annual reduction realized in packaging material and freight savings, 32% reduction in master carton cost and 16% more product per pallet.

Package Design Consultants - Johnsonville

Johnsonville’s Sausage Strips

Over two hundred retail package design options were created, reviewed, researched, and evaluated for the best consumer response.

Package Design Consultants - Amazon Frustration

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

33% average reduction in package size, 36% average increase in packages per pallet and 1,944 more packages per ocean container on average.

Package Design Consultants - Too Many Boxes

Too Many Boxes?

Have too many box designs? BoltSmith reduced total cartons used from over 100 down to 20, saving over $300,000 annually.

Package Design Consultants - Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Manufacturer

hot sauce manufacturer reached out to BoldtSmith Packaging looking for a re-design on their current single-serve packaging.

Package Design Consultants - Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The three pillars of sustainable packaging, each of which has potential for packaging cost reduction.

Package Design Consultants - Confast Drop

Confast Drop in Anchor Packaging Design

BoldtSmith Packaging was then able to create a financial analysis comparing all 3 packaging options.

Package Design Consultants - Shipping Orientation

Shipping Orientation

Changing ONLY the packaging orientation fits 20% more product shipped per container, saving $460,000 in freight costs annually.

Shower Door Base – Cost Reduction

Shower Door Base – Cost Reduction

A company that manufacturers shower doors and bases reached out to BoldtSmith Packaging to reduce costs associated with the below variables.

SIOC Ecommerce Packaging Optimization

BoldtSmith Packaging redesigned Melissa & Doug's packaging, increasing efficiency and sustainability by 21-187% per ocean container.

Clients We Have Served

Proud packaging colsutant of EZGO
EATON's reliable packaging consultant
Essity consultant for all packing needs
Fiskars packaging consultants who reduce shipping costs
Optimized shipping services for Fresh Express
Integirty's first choice for packaging consultants
Packaging consultants for John Deere
Ecommerce packaging services for Johnsonville
Kohlers #1 pick for LTL shipping
Reduced Kraft's shipping costs & damage rates
Cost-effective packaging consultants for LG
Reliable packaging consultant at Melissa & Doug
Effective designs for Orbit's packaging needs
Optimization experts for Ryder's packaging services
Packaging consultants at Kraft
Smart Tech's choice for packaging consultants
Package engineering used by Steelcase

Clients We Have Served

Proud clients of BoldtSmith

Customer Reviews

It was excellent working with Dave Branson throughout the project process.  It was a very informative professional analysis of our problem.  We had regular calls and the project deliverables were completed as promised.  

Ken Boswell

Sr. Department Manager, Mechanical Engineering

Sharp Manufacturing Company of America

BoldtSmith did a good job executing on the assessment phase of the project.  Very responsive and communicative. Attentive to needs, changes. Reliable. Dustin did a good job leading the work

Federico Eramo

VP Strategic Projects & Business Transformation

BJ's Wholesale

BoldtSmith has been a great partner throughout the design process. They are extremely responsive to their customers’ needs. We had a product form factor change that resulted in a need to change our packaging design. Within one day they had a prototype to us, and within less than four days they were able to test the new design to ISTA standards. After less than a week we had a fully validated updated design with drawings and artwork. This was critical to keep our project on schedule.

Katie Milbeck

Senior Manager, Innovation Incubator

Brady Corporation

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